Yannick de Wilde d'Estmael
Candidat DéFI au Parlement Bruxellois #47
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Young student in Business Administration at KU Leuven, I lived all my childhood abroad in Rwanda, Cameroon but especially in Cambodia before moving to Saint-Josse (Brussels) to start my higher education .

Bilingual French-English, I hope, in the following years to become trilingual (Dutch) or even quadrilingual deepening my basics of Spanish.

Having migrated to these countries, I gained an open mind and an ease to communicate with and understand people of different origins.

Having direct contact with both the well-to-do and the disadvantaged, with the populations of Europe, Africa, Asia and America, as well as with several minority communities, I began to take an interest in the questions of social cohesion and international politics.

Although some claim social cohesion is inconceivable, I will always be a fervent activist.

Cambodia - an extraordinary country

Meeting the Queen-mother of Cambodia

In March 2016, I had the honor of meeting Her Majesty Norodom Monineath Sihanouk, Queen Mother of Cambodia.

As part of the writing of a historical book about the Lycée Français René Descartes - an important institution in the political history of the country - I had the honor of presenting the book, with my teammates at the Royal Palace of Phnom Penh.


Young & Engaged

I have been involved in associations for a long time. I started at my school with a rice collection for poor children. Today, I am active in several local associations and students. I am also President of DéFI Jeunes Saint-Josse, a section in which my goal is to involve young people in politics and the associative world.

Youth is poorly represented at the political level in Belgium. Young people today feel disgusted by traditional politics ...

My goal: to restore the democratic link between young people and elected officials.

In this period where young people show their motivation for the interest of our planet, this effervescence must be maintained and extended to all subjects of society. Politicians must be reminded that they serve the people!


Horse riding, my passion


Amateur of the Brussels scene


Defender of a united Belgium