Yannick de Wilde d'Estmael
Candidat DéFI au Parlement Bruxellois #47
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Young student in Business Administration at KU Leuven University, I have spent all my childhood living abroad in Rwanda, Cameroon but especially in Cambodia before moving to Brussels to begin my higher education studies.

Bilingual French-English, I hope in the following years to become trilingual (Dutch) or even quadrilingual by deepening my basics of Spanish.

Having migrated to these countries, I gained an openness and ability to communicate with and understand people of different backgrounds.

Having a direct contact both with the well-off and precarious, with the populations of Europe, Africa, Asia and America as well as with several minority communities, I started getting interested in the issue of social cohesion.

Although some claim that it is inconceivable, I will always be a fervent activist for cohesion.

I am convinced that we must move to federate citizens from different backgrounds, this will solve many other primary issues...
— Yannick