Yannick de Wilde d'Estmael
Candidat DéFI au Parlement Bruxellois #47

Elections 2018

Élections communales 2018

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My commitment at the municipal level is in response to the mismanagement of Saint-Josse, lived on a daily basis by the inhabitants. By attending the communal councils, I realized that it was not my young age that would prevent me from fighting for the values of the DéFI - Démocrate Fédéraliste Indépendant. My priorities: territorial planning, social cohesion and transparency. My desire is to make Saint-Josse an attractive municipality by intelligently exploiting its assets. Saint-Josse must be a commune of well-being, rather than a nieghbourhood to avoid. While affordable for young families, Saint-Josse is only a neigbourhood of passage. We must make people want to settle in our municipality for the long-run. They must be convinced that there is a future for them.

I was the 2nd head of the list DEFI alongside Nathalie Erkan in Saint-Josse-ten-Noode in the municipal elections of 2018. Consult the program that I concocted below.

Politics in Saint-Josse interests only a small fragment of the population. Young people are those who feel the least represented, although Saint-Josse is the youngest commune in Brussels. Young people must be given their democratic voice. As President of DéFI Jeunes SJTN, I pledge to represent them with dignity.

Another commitment that I hold dear is to engage in an election campaign in the most ethical way possible. As young activists with no political background, we are disappointed with unhealthy practices in the political sphere of Saint-Josse that are an obstacle to democracy.

The Program


Good governance and transparency

  •  Put in place a systematic evaluation, at least once a year, of public policies with objective indicators, as well as non-profit and inter-municipal associations.

  • Systematically consult citizens about important measures that affect them. The municipal college must be obliged to answer the questions and suggestions of the citizens.

  • Require the “decumulation” of mandates between the functions of parliamentarian and mayor or alderman.

  • Eliminate the remuneration of derivative or accessory mandates related to the functions of mayor, alderman or president of CPAS.

  • Link the remuneration of public offices to the actual presence of the mandatary in the performance of his duties, when the law permits.

  • Limit expenses that do not directly improve the living environment in Saint-Josse. For example, expenses related to "diplomatic" travel.

  • Limit the privileges of the Mayor and the aldermen. For example, delete the entitled vehicle.

  • Create a transparent framework for the operating expenses of the offices of aldermen or mayor.

  • Guarantee access to information for all citizens. They must all be aware of the subsidies, the subsidies and the services they can claim. For example: providing for people with illiteracy.

  • Eliminate discrimination in hiring, for example with a blind recruitment system.

  • Create a budget dedicated to citizen initiatives that aim to sustainably improve Saint-Josse.

Education and youth

  • Make education and support of youth the budget priority of the municipality.

  • Multiply the capacity in the service to help student success and strengthen the teaching team. This service must be offered to all students who are dropping out of school. Also encourage tutoring by university students during revisions.

  • Increase the number of crèches in high-demand neighborhoods to ensure proximity and facilitate the mobility of parents.

  • Increase the number of places available in primary schools and invest in comfortable infrastructure for our young people.

  • Strengthen students' cultural background, increase the number of free school trips that allow for a better understanding of their school curriculum.

  • Implement language immersion in Dutch and English in all communal institutions that have the capacity.

  • Use and make available digital tools so that our young people find their place in the current of new technologies and use them intelligently.

  • Boost youth houses They must propose attractive projects that aim to develop young people's creativity and introduce them to professional paths. To put youth houses in a network with each other and with the House of Cultures, Prevention, youth associations in the region, local businesses and other local actors. The aim is to create links with young people them but especially with the professional world.

  • Better supervise youth centers with competent and pro-active facilitators. These must be certified by the Wallonia-Brussels Federation.

  • Develop out-of-school outreach activities to provide a real hobby for children who have to wait for their parents after class.

  • Through a school-parent contract, empower parents by making them active partners in their children's schooling.

Public cleanliness

  • Connect citizens and various local actors (cleaners, peacekeepers, local police, etc.) to prevent, detect and punish incivilities and improve the maintenance of our streets.

  • Ensure the cleanliness of the municipality through concrete actions framed by a permanent monitoring and the creation of the position of manager of public space. For example: the use of mobile cameras to fight against illegal deposits in the most sensitive places.

  • In collaboration with Bruxelles-propreté, put in place innovative solutions to store the waste that invades the main streets. We propose the installation of buried containers. This would clear the sidewalks. Individuals and businesses could then take out the trash when they wish.

  • Multiply the number of ashtrays on public roads.

Urban planning & public works

  • Conduct a major urban plan that would aim to protect the heritage, while giving a modern and harmonious identity to Saint-Josse. This without forgetting to think about accessibility for people with reduced mobility.

  • Greening the streets and facades. For example, planting tree stands and giving bonuses for planting wall plants or blooming window sills.

  • Develop urban art through calls for projects involving citizens as creators or as a jury. The goal is to give life to neighborhoods too gray.

  • Carry out the cadastre of all infrastructures of Saint-Josse and check the conformity of these buildings with the urban standards and their state of security in order to avoid the problems of fires, collapses and insalubrity.

  • Systematically make calls for architectural projects for the construction of new buildings. Candidate projects must be debated and voted on by the municipal council to determine the winner.

local Economy

  • Revitalize the Chaussée de Louvain and the other commercial axes in distress, listen and accompany businesses to have a quality offer, attractive for our citizens.

  • Enable young entrepreneurs to test the commercial viability of their projects in empty commercial cells, with pop-up stores.

  • Promote social and local economy projects and short circuits. Saint-Josse needs projects that benefit neighborhood life, local consumption whose objective is to provide for local problems: unemployment, precariousness, exclusion, loneliness ....

  • Help businesses, through a premium, when they make the steps to be more welcoming to women, people of different backgrounds and social backgrounds, as well as to PMK.

  • Set up a collaborative platform for the distribution of unsold products from local food and hotel chains. These must benefit the precarious inhabitants and the homeless of Saint-Josse.


  • Organize job exchanges, local student job scholarships and internships in companies to enable young people to multiply work experiences and companies to become socially involved in the municipality by offering paid or unpaid internships.

  • The municipality must only create job offers that train and enable the acquisition of new skills in a world where employees must be more and more flexible.

  • Closer collaboration with companies in the region to collect job offers, internships and student jobs.

  • Information on job offers, internships and student jobs must be visible and accessible to all. Especially at the CPAS, in youth centers, on the site of the municipality, etc.


  • Develop Zone 30 on the territory in order to have a calm traffic that benefits the safety of all, including pedestrians and cyclists. This would also drastically reduce noise in narrow streets.

  • Provide private parking spaces to residents of Saint-Josse when they are empty.

  • Include in the signage directions to the different neighborhoods of Saint-Josse.

  • Reduce by 40% the gas consumption and by 15% the electricity consumption of all communal public buildings by 2025.

  • Add charging stations for electric vehicles.

  • Implement a neighborhood greening plan.

  • Ask STIB and the region to reinforce the frequencies of buses 61 and 59.

  • Develop collective gardens in neighborhoods and use schools to help students discover sustainable agriculture in practice.

Sports & health

  • Collaborate with neighboring municipalities to offer access to reduced-price pools as the Saint-Josse pool is being renovated.

  • Provide financial assistance to sports clubs to welcome more adults and women who are willing to learn a new sporting activity.

  • Renovate and improve outdoor fitness facilities at Parc Saint-François. This one must not look like an abandoned fallow anymore.

  • Promote the learning of cycling in schools as a sustainable mobility solution.

  • Create a nearby medical center to allow for walk-in medical consultations for the tennoodois.

Culture & Social cohesion

  • Make the future house of cultures an essential institution. A place that highlights the rich history of Saint-Josse and its multiculturality. A talent incubator for young people, a meeting place where locals can relax. A model in terms of short circuits and sustainable development.

  • Set up a platform for collaboration between the different cultural associations of the different communities around the House of Cultures.

  • Encourage large-scale events that draw crowds and federate communities instead of having several small repetitive events that are modest in their success.

  • Give a greater presence to local artists, exhibit the works of the Mommen and the Academy of Fine Arts. Encourage public musical performances.

  • Organize inter-generational meeting days with retirement homes to strengthen "vertical" solidarity links. Also create sustainable sponsorships to reduce the feeling of loneliness or isolation felt in a nursing home.


  • Better fight and sanction insalubrity, the vacancy or the abandonment of the housing. Promote the possibility of entrusting them to the social real estate agency.

  • Develop the network of the social real estate agency by encouraging the owners to entrust the management of their property, by means of a financial mechanism (premium or tax deduction) and by promoting its activities.

  • Fight against discrimination in access to housing.

  • Ensure effective maintenance in each social and public housing stock.

  • Encourage the construction of inter-generational or single-parent homes with community parties (eg, gardens, common dining rooms and washing machines).

  • Promote the purchase of housing in Saint-Josse for young households through the exemption of additional centimes (duration to be determined), provided that they live in housing for at least 5 years.